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Norway Open 5. april!

We are happy to announce the 6th edition of the Norway Open individual quiz tournament. It will take place at various locations around the world on Saturday, April 5th.

If you would like to host the Norway Open, contact QMs Ole Martin Halck (e-mail) or Ingrid Sande Larsen (e-mail) for further information.

The quiz will be played as an individual event and held on SATURDAY, APRIL 5 2014 in the manner of the World Championships, as a write in where other countries may participate simultaneously. The quiz will consist of 240 questions in 6 categories following the english system:
•    Art & Culture
•    Civilisation
•    Entertainment
•    Lifestyle
•    Physical World
•    Sport & Leisure

Difficulty: The level of difficulty will be international.
 The first 10 questions will be fairly easy. Questions 11-29 will have an increasing difficulty level, and the final 10 will be great
Language: The questions will be available in english and norwegian.
Time: The allotted time is 2×45 minutes, 120 questions in each half.

Scoring: All six categories will count for the total score, with a maximum of 240 points, 40 in each of the six categories.
Each category will consist of 40 questions, divided into (approximately) 10 «basic knowledge» questions, 20 difficult questions, and 10 quite difficult questions.