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Norway Open 2022 – Results

Here are the results of Norway Open 2022.

Huge congratulations to Mark Henry from Ireland for his first win in the history of Norway Open, with a staggering 202 points! Finland’s Tero Kalliolevo came closest, beaten by eight points. As in 2021, Didier Bruyere, France, took the third place.

Norway Open 2022

Som i fjor inngår Norway Open i Norgescupen i quiz og vil arrangeres f.o.m. mandag 28. mars t.o.m. søndag 3. april. Quizen kan avholdes lokalt. Norske deltakere finner informasjon på NQFs forum. For ytterligere spørsmål: Ta kontakt med Jon Inge Kolden på

NORWAY OPEN 2022: Will take place between March 28th and April 3rd. Check your local quizzing association’s web or Facebook pages for a venue near you if you would like to take part! If you want to proctor your own event, please contact Jon Inge Kolden (email: for details or register directly in this form.

The quiz consist of 240 questions, and will have the following eight categories:
High Culture
Nature & Science
Popular Culture
Sport & Games

Please join this year’s Norway Open!